Commercial Thermal Imaging

 Infrared Thermal Imaging Flat Roof Inspections can be a great aid in identifying moisture intrusion.  Many flat roof leaks are caused by a design or installation problem. At times, a flat roof will begin to leak shortly after installation. A new flat roof in Michigan is  no exception. Leaks can happen anywhere and at anytime. Using thermal imaging technology when performing flat roof inspections decreases leak identification time.  Combine this with pin-point accuracy, and our Clients save money.  Thermal infrared inspections allow for isolated area repair, thus saving more money!         

Infrared Thermal Inspections of Electrical Equipment can identify problems that could disrupt air conditioning, lighting, and other daily operations. Once we identify the problem, we issue a comprehensive report for each property, describing the problem, it's significance and specific location, and recommended repairs. Our staff can repair some problems during the inspection and can rescan to make sure the problem is solved. Other repairs can be scheduled at a convenient time. Proactively correcting electrical problems can save you thousands of dollars each year in costly downtime and equipment replacement.   


 Image on the left indicates high resistance connection on a Circuit Breaker in an Electrical Distribution panel  Arrow indicates area of concern not visible during normal Electrical Inspection.